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Micing Drums


This is how I miced the drums for my recording:

1. Kick

2. Snare over

3. Snare under

4. Tom 1

5. Floor tom

6. Overhead left

7. Overhead right

8. Room


I miced the snare with two mics, this is a pretty standard way of doing it. The top mic picks up the hit sound and the bottom one picks up the snares (the rattling sound). You will need to to a Phase invert on the bottom mic. Otherwise these two mics will take out each other. Both mics are Dynamic mics: SM57’s.


For this recording I only used 8 channels so I chose not to put a seperate mic on the hi-hat. The reason why i cut out that particular mic was because I wanted a good overall big sound on the drums. So I angled the right overhead mic a bit more towards the hi-hat and will use that mic as the main source for hi-hat. The overhead mics are condensor mics.


In this picture you can see all of the mics on the drumset and their positions.


This picture shows the distance between the overhead mic and the drumset.


The last mic was a room mic that I placed a few meters away from the drumkit. This mic picks up the overall sound of the drumkit reflected in the room. In postproduction this is a mic where I usually play around a bit more with the EQ. I dont know how much I’ll use it, I mostly just had it to show that this is an option. This kind of mic is typically used if you want a punk/garage kind of sound.

Drummer: Jacob Hjalmarsson

Photo: Rebecka Roberts

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